Share items

communicating with your neighbors

What you get?

  • Connect

    your neighbors

  • Rent

    anything you need

  • Discover

    local news

  • Earn

    extra money

  • Organize

    your items

Enjoy cooperation with neighbors

Items unite people

By connecting people we create conditions for the mutual consumption of goods and making life better

Now you are no longer limited by the assets stored in your home. You receive the access to material goods, people and resources around you.

Own less, allow more

Rent what you need where you need

For a fun weekend it is not necessary to own a bicycle or a barbeque grill! A neighbor will gladly lend you everything you need, earning a little, and you will use things without littering your balcony.

Discover local news

Check the feed of any location

Discover news of the area where you live, work, or going to move. People are ready to share local news, safety alerts, recommendations, or answer your questions.

Make your items serve you

  • For rent

    Make your item bring you extra money by renting it out for any period of time.

  • Sell

    You can earn by selling unnecessary items, littering you garage, wardrobe, or attic.

  • Give away

    Help others by giving away the things which are in good condition, but you don’t use them.

  • Lost & Found

    Find easily your lost items with the help of the community. Tell about the items you have found.

Make your items bring you extra money!

Add as many items as you want. It's enough just to take photo!

Organize your items

Make items bring you profit

  • 1

    The user distribute all the digitized items between rooms by location (Living room, Bedroom), or type (Technical Equipment, Wardrobe, Books, Kitchen, Garage, Sport), or by Status (Sell, Give Away, Rent).

  • 2

    Having put everything in order we can get rid of extra items and give them to people that may really lack them. Therefore, we increase the utilization efficiency, lower consumption level and take care of the planet.